Ruedi Rohrer

Co-founder and Partner – Sales, Finance

Born and raised in Switzerland, has brought together his passion for travel, nature and adventure in Rio de Janeiro, where he has lived since 2000. To be in Brazil means knowing incredible places, fascinating nature, being with lovely people and having a great time.

Ana Rohrer

Co-founder and Partner – PR, Logistics

Born and raised in Rio, finished her studies in Basel. After 12 years in Switzerland she returned to Brazil as a several languages speaking PR woman. She loves being a ‘carioca’, typically communicative and alive. As much as she likes the Brazilian way of life, she is also exact in her duties, wonderful with details, as precise as a Swiss watch.


We offer special and unique moments at a selection of hand-picked luxurious destinations.

On that cool February morning of 1986, Ana and Ruedi were truly not the only ones at Paris airport, but since then they have been writing their shared story. They took advantage of the hour and decided to explore Brazil as a couple. By the way, her roles were the same as they are today, she is PR, and he finances … win, win!
The adventurous and eventful journey in the self-developed VW bus took about 1 year. At the time they did not suspect that all these experiences will be of great value later, and still are today.


  • Experience! Since 2001 we are constantly learning and getting better and better … Benefit from our experience and test us!
  • OK! To speak the same language is not only a great advantage in planning but also during the journey.
  • No stress! Neither for you nor for us … “Trust is good, control is better” is our motto when it comes to your bookings.
  • Prestigious! Whichever destinations you choose, Brasilmix customers are considered VIPs everywhere. Enjoy it!


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